What is InfoValuation?

InfoValuation is a website designed to consult and compare financial statements data, beta and multiples of the industry.

InfoValuation is the ideal solution for professionals, financial advisers, and firms that need data and parameters to compare performance, evaluate companies, fund and invest or re-evaluate assets.

InfoValuation: The platform

InfoValuation is a online service that allows you to easily and functionally consult the sector’s financial
reports with reference to Italy

The 39 macro-sectors available in this version are obtained in accordance with the ATECO Code 2007, whose classification can be consulted in a document available at "Tools" in the "Resources" section.

How it works?

Selecting the sector of interest will be able to view the aggregate financial report data (Balance sheet and Income statement) and its financial-economic indexes.

It will also be possible to view industry data and trends broken down by revenue bands (below 2 million, between 2 to 10 million, 10-25 million, 25-50 million and over 50 million) and distinct in best and worst of Industry (Best Performer and Worst Performer).

Summary, Financial report, Index and Average

In the “Summary” section is avaible a quick overview about the industry’s trend, with a dashboard that summarizes the variations in the financial report aggregates and in the principal financial-economic indexes during the last year

For some indexes, Quick Help is available. All indexes are illustrated and explained in the Glossary, available under "Help - Resources to make the most of Infobenchmark".

All the tables in InfoValuation can be exported in excel format using the button on the upper right .

Valuation: the company evaluation

Multipli e parametri

For each sector, the "Multiples and Parameters" section contains reference multiples (EV/Sales, EV/EBITDA, EV/EBIT, Price/Earning, Price/Book Value) and elements for calculating capital cost such as Beta Asset, Self-Liquidation Operations, Maturing Transactions, Reverse Transactions, BTP 15-10-5 years and Risk Premium (MRP).


In the "Valuation" section you can calculate the enterprise value and the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) of one or more business entities. This section will allow you to combine the data in InfoValuation with the data entered by the user for an interactive and fast calculation.

Calculation of Enterprise Value

Simply select the parameter (for example: Multiple EBITDA), enter the current value of the company under review (then the company EBITDA), its net financial position, and possibly the discount factor in case of Investments that are not easily liquidated or if the enterprise being assessed is of small or medium size. The recommended discount factor is 20-30%.

Regarding sector performance for revenue bands, best-worst can be a useful reference for discounting. For example, if you were to consider a company with a certain volume of revenue and a best-in-class performance, the discount could fall into the range of less penalizing values.

Calculation of Capital Cost

The application allows you to calculate the weighted average cost of capital, a key factor for making enterprise and project decisions.

It's enough to enter the value in the E / V box, ie the percentage percentage of Equity, and the application will return the company's weighted average cost (WACC) to that financial structure.

InfoValuation: Many resources and tools available

Subscribers to the service will be able to access the sections "News", "Forum" and "Resources". These sections
will mainly deal with evaluation topics, cases and values of acquisition and merger (M & A) operations.


In the "Resources" section, you will be able to consult the material and content provided by Infomanager s.r.l. and recommended documents to deepen the topics and improve the navigation and analysis of InfoValuation. The material will be updated and implemented periodically.


In the "Forums" section, you can compare with other industry specialists by opening discussions, asking questions and responding to the doubts and requests of other InfoValuation users.


Through the "News" section, you can stay up-to-date on financial and economic news coming from the world, with details of the valuation and acquisitions of the moment, through the multiplication process.

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