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InfoValuation is a website designed to consult and compare financial statements data, beta and multiples of the industry.

InfoValuation is the ideal solution for professionals, financial advisors, and firms that need data and parameters to compare performance, evaluate companies, fund and invest or re-evaluate assets.

Within the platform, you can get information on the performance of the sectors (financial statements, indexes and averages), statistical distribution (quartiles and revenue bands), and parameters (multiples and beta) to conduct business valuation.

In addition to the areas that show budget data, indexes and averages for each sector, the Valuation section allows you to calculate the company's value and capital cost for each business entity.

After entering your credentials, the view of active sectors will appear; just a click on the industry and you will find all the information you need.

In the "Resources" section, there are also tools for analysis and evaluation of companies and industries.

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InfoValuation is an online platform offered by Infomanager Srl ( and can be used to consult financial statements, indexes and parameters (beta and asset) on the Italian macro-sectors. For more details, please visit the page "What is Infovaluation?"


To sign up, you must click Register from the Welcome Home screen.

A new form will appear that must be compiled by entering your personal information and company data. Data that has an asterisk is compulsory.

Once you have enrolled, you will be able to access the Infovaluation platform by entering the registration email and password from the Welcome page previously viewed.


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